Last week we broke ground and officially started the Lover Dreamer Beach House. I can’t even begin to tell you how excited we were!!

We had our eye on this piece of land for 15 months to be exact! Circumstances didn’t align at first to allow us to purchase the land but when the time was right, we sold our last home we built and moved on to this project. This was the dream build for us… we never actually thought we would get the opportunity to build this house.

Once we finally purchased the land, it was a surreal feeling, almost too good to be true and at times over the last few months of planning, we thought maybe it was. However, we persevered with the process as we knew it would be all worth it in the end. We are working with the same architect and builder as our last build, which is great! They know us and we know them and their process. We caught up with them both onsite almost immediately after purchasing the land. We had a very clear picture in our mind of the design of this house and how we wanted the house floor plan laid out. There wasn’t a lot of back and forth on the design with this house. Both the architect & builder could really vision what we were trying to achieve. While we ‘hope’ we have nailed the design, we did have to make some compromises. Firstly, we are just a young family trying to make their way in this world. We had a budget and we need to stick to it! There are a lot of luxuries we would have loved to feature in this house but had to find a budget conscious way of achieving them. Secondly, it is a teeny tiny piece of land – just under 450sqm. While we would have loved a large wrap around balcony for example, we just didn’t have the room. The small size of the land did have an impact on what we could and couldn’t achieve from a design perspective.

We had our fair share of back and forth with the land developers and council which took months instead of weeks (as it usually does), but we got there in the end!

Anyway, all the planning and design of the house is done and we can now get amongst the fun part and watch all those details come to life!

This week, plumbing & the beginning of the foundations…

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