It’s been a busy few weeks over at the Lover Dreamer Beach House. There has been a lot of prep going on for the interior of the house. Now that our windows are in and the roof is on, we are weather tight. So… mother nature can do her thing and not hold us back anymore!

There have been so many tradies come and go. The plumbers and electricians have been and gone. The gas fitter has come in and fitted all of the gas pipes for our hot water, gas stove and a gas fireplace. All of the bathrooms, the kitchen and laundry have all been measured up and their layout is now locked in. The internal doors have all been measured up in prep for the door delivery. The garage door has been measured and the design is finalised. We did go back and fourth for about a week on the design of the garage door but in the end we decided for this house – to keep it simple. We have chosen our staircase and our stair manufacture came and completed his measure up. The entire house is now insulated and it’s amazing how the echo in the house suddenly disappears when the insulation goes in.  The gib has just been delivered and will go up in a few days.


It’s all coming together fast now!

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