A year ago on the 9th March 2016, we purchased this little piece of dirt. It’s been just over a year of designing, planning and building and this project (our family home) is almost complete! It’s been a journey to say the least but we have loved every minute of it.

It’s been a busy month since I last updated with a blog entry. We finally finished painting (hooray)!! IMG_5867

The tiles in the bathrooms are done.IMG_6461

We have floorboards and carpet.IMG_6459

The gas fitter has connected our hot water and fireplace.Β The plumbers are doing their final fit off tomorrow. The sparkies only have a few things left to fit off. Our walk in robe cabinetry goes in tomorrow and then its just Mr Glass man to come and do his thing before the cleaners give this big white house a once over before the inside is complete!

The exterior has taken a bit of a step backwards thanks to this lovely summer cyclonic weather we have been experiencing. None the less our builder is working around the clock to get it finished as soon as they can.

The excitement levels are starting to ramp up around here now. We can see the light at the end of the tunnel…. the end is very near! We have loved watching the house of our dreams, that we designed ourselves come to life during this whole process over the last 12 months. Hopefully in the next two weeks, we will be able to move in and then relax and enjoy what we have created.

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