Well it’s been a year since I’ve written a blog and a lot has changed since then so, I thought I’d better get up to date!

Firstly, we have sold the Lover Dreamer Beach House. That was a desire of ours and was on the cards for a few months before we actually put the house on the market. As beautiful as that house was, we found it too big for our little family, too much upkeep and we discovered as first time owners of a two-story home that two story living just isn’t for us. We had paid a small deposit on another block of land down the road from the Lover Dreamer Beach House and had plans drawn up to build a much smaller single level home.

Over that period, we (Andrew and I) were severely struggling with our Monday – Friday work-life balance. The demands on us both in our full-time jobs and lack of sleep from parenting had taken their toll and we were fatigued to a point where we could barely function anymore. (If you didn’t know – this house building gig is our “hobby”. We both work fulltime jobs as well.) At our weakest moment, an opportunity arose for us to relocate to the Central Coast NSW, which enabled us to have a much better work-life balance and would give us the opportunity to have family living within walking distance.  As much as we loved our life in New Zealand we knew we had to make a change. We could no longer sustain our Monday – Friday grind that we had been living. So, we sold our house and made the big move back to Australia, settling on the Central Coast, NSW.

Once we moved back we settled into the rhythm of our new lifestyle pretty quickly. We began looking for an older style home with potential to renovate. We were still adamant that we wanted a small single level home. In the area we chose to buy in, real estate is held very tightly and when something comes on the market – it sells fast. We put offers in on 4 homes and were unsuccessful each time. When we first moved over we had our eye on the block of land (the one we ended up buying) but at the time the asking price exceeded what we were willing to pay. After a few months the agent called us and notified us that the owners were motivated to move and drastically dropped their asking price. At that point we pounced on it.

And there you have it – we are now land owners again and planning to build another house! #loverdreamercoastalcottage is in the making! Our plans have just gone into council and in about 6 months we’ll be able to move in and completely settle in and enjoy our new home.


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