Have you ever finished renovating or building and thought to yourself, how on earth am I going to afford to furnish this beautiful home? Well, you’re not alone! We’ve been there a few times ourselves.

Furnishing your home after renovating or building can be daunting. You have this beautiful new home, a blank canvas for you to create your own style. A beautiful living space doesn’t need to cost a fortune to furnish. With a little bit of hard work and imagination you can turn any space into a welcoming room and one you’ll love.

Our favourite way of interior decorating on a budget is by giving second hand furniture a new lease on life, in most cases simply giving them a quick paint job.

After we completed our last build we had a big living space. We always wanted a large dining table to seat 8 people. We couldn’t afford thousands of dollars on a new dining setting at the time and to be honest even if we could, I’m not sure I’d be happy to spend that kind of money on a dining table in this stage of our lives. We have two young children and the dining table is the hub of our home. Not only do we eat there, we gather at the table for homework, the kids craft time and entertaining. We needed our dining table not to be precious and allow the kids to be kids. We didn’t want to stress that they may scratch it or get paint on it.

Besides being on a budget, we have a natural love for upcycling furniture. We love (like a new build or reno) to see the transformation of an old piece of furniture which is given a makeover and a new lease on life. At the #loverdreamerbeachhouse we purchased a second hand 2.5m mahogany dining table, 4 pine dining seats and a kauri bench seat second hand online. They were all very sturdy, just in need of painting to achieve the look we had in mind.

For the mahogany dining table, we took the table top off the legs and gave the table top a light sand to remove the old varnish. We then mixed equal parts white paint and water and white washed the top. We applied the paint and water mix with a paint brush and then went over it with a damp cloth to achieve the consistency we were after. We let the first coat dry and then repeated with a second coat. After the second coat had dried, we hand sanded in spots as we wanted a bit of the timber colour to show through the paint. Once we were happy with this, we wiped the surface to remove any dust and we applied 3 coats of clear satin sealer. We let each coat of sealer dry in between coats. For the table legs we chose to spray paint them with white Rust-Oleum paint and primer. We did the same with the dining chairs and bench seat by spray painting them in black Rust-Oleum paint and primer. We love this product as there is no need to sand off old varnish, you just paint straight over the top! It’s awesome and such a quick transformation!

This dining table was only $70! All up with the chairs and paint, the whole project came in under $250… bargain!


We have started searching on Gumtree for a square dining table for our next build #loverdreamerscoastalcottage. We’re yet to find “the one” but hopefully it finds us soon.

We’re looking forward to sharing our upcycle projects for this next build over the next few months. Stay tuned…


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