Sunday funday rolled around a couple of weeks ago so we decided on another local adventure. First stop was Somersby falls which is a few minutes drive from Gosford. Plenty of parking and proper walkways made for an easy little trek through the Forrest. We edged off the usual track to find a secret little waterfall which was a great way to start the walk. The further into the walk we got, the more waterfalls, streams, caves and exposed rock we found. We’d had a tiny bit of rain the night before so the falls had some water tricking down them which was nice to see. The kids loved throwing leaves down the streams and watching them race down!

We headed back up to the car after and hour or so. We left Somersby and headed to Girrapool Picnic Area. After refueling the energy tanks, we started (what we thought) would be about an hour long walk. The further down he track we got, the further we wanted to go! The scenery is amazing! Running rivers, overhanging cliff edges, lookouts over looking the Brisbane Water National Park.  Forest and so many naturally made tracks. As we went deeper into the bush, we started to realize we were past the point of return so we had to keep going to complete the loop. We’re so glad we did because at the half way point is a suspended bridge which is a really stunning site. This half way point was approx 90mins and 2km into the bush so the kids did amazingly well just to get this far… they didn’t like the news that we were only half way but they kept on trekking! The walk back was on the other side of the river so it offered different sites to the walk in. There were some fairly steep parts to the walk, but with Miss 6 year old leading the charge, it was certainly an adventure!

We covered 4.5km in around 3.5hrs which was a new record for our little tribe. Grace walked the whole way and Harry needed a little help on the way back..  but who could blame him!

We’d highly recommend heading along this track as it’s certainly not something you’d expect to see just out the back of Gosford. A great day had by all!

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