Our framing is all up and it won’t be long before our roof goes on. This is such an exciting stage of a new build! It’s that first time you really get a feel for the space and layout of your new home. No longer are you just looking at a flat plan, you can now actually walk through the house and get a feel of the spaces and the flow of your new home.

It’s been a bit a relief to get to this stage and to walk through the house and be happy with the choices we have made creating our family home. For us, this build has been very different to our previous two builds. We moved back to Australia to make a lifestyle change and to simplify our life in as many areas as we could. It’s still a work in progress, something we try and work on everyday but this new house is a massive part of that. We spend a lot of time at home and both of us work from home most of the week. We wanted to create a home that as a family we won’t outgrow but we knew we wanted to make it dramatically smaller than our previous builds. Why? We don’t want the up-keep that comes with a large house, plus, we wanted to reduce our mortgage. In turn, both of these choices will give us more time and money to do the things in life we love doing. Less house, more life is what we are working on.

We drew on our previous build experiences, what worked and didn’t work in our previous designs when deciding on the design of our current build. We questioned what areas of our previous builds were functional, practical, actually used or were not used and not necessary. From there we formed a ‘wish list’ of what had been missing from our previous builds and what we’d like to do differently this time around.

Stay tuned as we’ll soon share with you room by room our plans and ideas for each space in our #loverdreamerscoastalcottage.

In the meantime, we are very much enjoying visiting our building site everyday, visualising and watching our plans come to life!

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