In most homes, the laundry design is often the least thought out area and in a lot of cases an after thought.

We made this mistake in our first build. To save space (and money) we added a laundry nook into our internal garage. For us, it didn’t work as functionally as we needed that space too. We didn’t have space to store much and we had no bench space. It was purely just a laundry tub with the front loader washing machine next to it and the clothes dryer mounted on the wall. We took note of this and tried again with our next build to create a more practical space. We had fully extended our budget on building such a large house already so we had to be clever on the design and fit out of this laundry to keep costs down but still create a functional space.

Here’s what we identified we wanted to change from our first build laundry when we were designing our second build (#loverdreamersbeachhouse) –

We knew we needed a larger dedicated space, with plenty of storage. Our previous two builds were in NZ, so during the winter months when it was cold and wet outside for days on end, we found we had clothes horses constantly strung around the house. They got in the way, the kids as babies would pull them over or get tangled in them and to be honest we hated staring at them in the living room everyday.

So with that in mind, during the design stage of our last build we worked with our architect to position the laundry in the north-west corner of the house to ensure it got plenty of sunshine and ventilation all year round. The laundry area had a window to the north side of the house and a glass panel door that exited to the backyard clothesline area on the west side of the house.

Due to the small size of the land we bought and the large size of the house we wanted to create, we were limited with the positioning of the laundry. The laundry ended up again being in the internal garage but this time in a much larger space positioned off the back of the garage in its own area with great sunlight and ventilation. We had enough room to have a couple of built-in cabinets for extra storage with both the washing machine and dryer being on the floor to allow us more usable bench space. On the wall we mounted an internal Hills Hoist fold away clothes line and let me tell you, in that house, it was one of the best things we did! It was used everyday! We chose to use vinyl on the floor, melamine cupboard doors and a laminate bench top in similar tones as our flooring, cabinetry and bench tops throughout the main part of the house. We could get away with this as it was an area out of sight and it saved us thousands of dollars. We had a much more practical laundry without a huge expense.

Our next laundry at our current build #loverdreamerscoastalcottage will bring a new set of needs. This time round we are building a much smaller house. Throughout the design stage we focused on spaces we felt that we actually needed for our family and the way we like to live. We have taken a less house, more life approach in order to simplify our daily home life. We have put a huge focus on ensuring each room in the house is functional and practical.

What are doing differently in our laundry this time around?

We are moving the laundry into its own room in the main part of the house. It’ll be easier, quicker and more convenient to access. There will be tall cupboards incorporated into the cabinetry to hide away our brooms, vacuum, iron board, washing baskets etc. There will be ample overhead shelving storage too. Most importantly the laundry will also act as a second toilet / powder room. A space that can be used to do hair and makeup for example if the main bathroom is occupied. It will be a multi functional room.

We are excited to share our new laundry design with you in the coming months!

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