I have always had a love for flowers and having flowers in our home always makes me happy. It instantly brightens up a space and you can give a boring table or corner a new look every week by simply changing up your floral arrangement.

For years I have foraged in nature, probably more so when we lived at the #loverdreamerbeachhouse where the kids and I would walk the beachfront weekly and snip foliage as we went to create little greenery arrangements which we would put throughout the house. I love buying flowers at local markets and bringing them home to create a new arrangement. Many years ago, I went to the Sydney flowers markets and bought a heap of flowers for my brother’s wedding, where I created all the table arrangements for his wedding.

I love a good creative outlet and a quick one day course is perfect for me to get the creative juices flowing. In the past, I have done hair and makeup professionally, I’ve learnt how to sew, I’ve done ceramics classes, I love creating entertaining food and platters, I’m a DIY upcycle furniture fan and floristry has also been an interest of mine for a long time.

Today I went to Pearson’s school of floristry and did a one day fun course, working with mostly Australian native flowers. In the course we covered three different types of arrangements, a flat lay posy, a bouquet and a vase arrangement. I loved it!

I took a few key valuable skills and 3 massive bunches of flowers home with me today. HAPPY LADY!!! 🙂

I’m looking forward to my next visit to the markets. With my new skills, I’m excited to see what else I can create!



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