When designing our last build, the #loverdreamerbeachhouse, we were going for a relaxed coastal vibe. There was a lot of white EVERYWHERE broken up by different texture finishes but it was still white. Our beach house was in a rural area out of the city and even though we were beachfront, there were rural properties just up the road. It was a beautiful, relaxed coastal and rural area.

In the design stage of the build, we had dreamed of having a feature barn door to complement our relaxed coastal theme but also wanted to connect to the rural surroundings around us. We were pretty particular with the style of barn door we were after. We really wanted a barn door to be custom made from recycled timber and we wanted it to be imperfect with rough sawn marks, old nail holes and with different colours coming through. We searched high and low looking at premade doors and spoke to numerous joiners about making one for us. No one really got our concept and tried to talk us into a pine or cedar constructed door and then painting it. That wasn’t what we were after!

Finally, we came across Eagle Construction. Initially we spoke to Wade and got a really good vibe from him. Finally, someone who understood what we were trying to achieve!

Wade was able to track down just enough old recycled Kauri timber to construct the door we desired. Once the door was constructed, the boys finished it off with a coat of Linseed oil, which brought out the different colours in the timber beautifully.

The barn door was a standout feature in our downstairs living area and became the entrance to our master bedroom.

Thinking back now, it was my favourite feature in the whole house. We are still contemplating replicating one in our next house but not sure Wade will make the trip to Australia to build us a door?! What do you reckon Wade???




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