The first weekend of Spring rolled around and we spent both days of it out and about! We headed north to Nelson Bay on Saturday, but on Sunday morning we ventured out to the Blue Mountains which was a first for me (Andrew) and the kids.

I feel silly writing this but when Rach told me we were heading to the Blue Mountains, all I could picture was a single mountain with a tea house and a viewing platform, that’s it! I was, of course, very wrong with my assumption!

We went straight to Scenic World Australia in Katoomba which is home to the steepest train track in the world – this was a bit mind boggling for the kids as it’s been operating since 1945!
We started the day with the train, which was a real highlight for the day, as it’s like a slow rollercoaster that heads straight down the side of a mountain. Down the bottom of the track, there were some tracks throughout the forest that we walked along. Dotted along the tracks were artifacts from the coal mining days including a miners hut, which the kids jumped into the bed for a nap!

Scenic World also has what they call, a Scenic Skyway which is a cable car that moves between 2 cliff tops via suspension cables. We jumped on once back to the top of the mountain and kids enjoyed looking straight down through the glass floor, plus the views out over the Blue Mountains were epic. Across the other side there are plenty of walkways so we headed towards the famous Three Sisters mountain tops. It was an easy, flat walk, but the best part was heading down some very steep stairs which connects up to one of the sisters. Again the views were insane, but the little bridge out to one of the sisters is definitely something to see and cross.

We walked around 6km during the day so we thought we’d earned a little treat for the trip home… Just around the corner is the Blue Mountains Chocolate Company and that place is dangerous! Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate, Yum!
All in all, another great day spent adventuring around our own backyard!


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