Our little Coastal Cottage has taken some huge steps forward toward completion over the past few weeks. We’ve seen insulation, cladding, gyprock, kitchen install, plastering, decking, trenching and painting! These guys move fast and it’s sometimes difficult to keep on top of everything, but that’s how we spend our evenings.

We had a little ‘add on’ from the original scope, with the idea of having a bench seat on the back deck. The idea came about because the deck is small, but we wanted to make sure there would be plenty of room for people to sit outside. We also added on some slats to that area which just adds a little bit of privacy for when we use that space.

Insulation was installed in a flash and lining followed quickly after. I (Andrew) always get a little bit of anxiety when the gyprock goes up and the plasterers do their thing because now I can’t alter or change any of the electrical related things! Just keep telling myself that I placed them all correctly… mmmmm…

We chose to add some character to this house as our last 2 builds have been a little ‘safe’ you could say. The Coastal Cottage is all about us and it gave us the chance to add features in, that we have always wanted to do. Some of these are the tongue and groove ceilings, in parts of the house (internal and external) and the exterior paint colour, gulp. Our first build was grey, second build was white and this one is dark! But we are loving it! We’ve always wanted to do it and to now see the paint going on, it feels really good that we’ve gone with our instincts.

Next for us is finalising internal paint colours, wardrobe configuration and to watch our very functional (yet super stylish) bathroom come together!

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