The intention was to do weekly updates on here, which we did for the first few weeks. Why is it that work and life get in the way????? Ah well, doing our best!

We say this in every post but it’s been a crazy, busy few weeks at the LoverDreamerCoastalCottage! Our multi-toned bathroom took real shape with the tiles going down on the floor, up the walls and in the shower. We’re loving our choice of tiles in the bathroom and the patterned tiles was one of our splurges, but we’re glad we did them this time around.
Painting continued with the exterior being finished and the interior being oh so close! The Little Lover Dreamers picked a colour each to go on one of their walls, as they are big part of this build so it’s only fair they get to contribute!
In the background we contacted Beachside Kitchens with an idea for a floating TV cabinet for our lounge room. They totally got our vision and are making it as we speak. We’re looking forward to seeing this addition to our living area!

Over the past week, we started to plan out our landscaping, which we’ve always done with every one of our builds. We are generally on the same page for decisions but the Landscaping project is definitely something we have a similar vision for. We like to keep things simple and always want to have a low maintenance aspect to it. Although a simple landscape design, we do make sure the house design is reflected outside as well.
We’ll also be future proofing so as not to over do certain parts of the landscaping. And by future proofing, I mean keeping a space free for Mrs Dreamer’s swimming hole!

Outside we’ve seen the addition and connection of our water tank. It sits down the side of the house and will be used for irrigation and also toilet flushing. It’s great that we’re able to recycle the water that lands on our roof.

So, from here… Painting will be finished, Plumbers and Sparkies will fit off, Kitchen, Bathroom and Laundry benchtops will go in and the flooring is booked to go in in a few weeks time (exciting little project going on in the background for that one).
We could be in our home in around 4 weeks time, let’s do this!!

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