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Weeks 12, 13, 14 & 15

The intention was to do weekly updates on here, which we did for the first few weeks. Why is it that work and life get in the way????? Ah well, doing our best! We say this in every post but it’s been a crazy, busy few weeks at the LoverDreamerCoastalCottage! Our multi-toned bathroom took real shape with the tiles going down on the floor, … Read More Weeks 12, 13, 14 & 15

Weeks 9, 10 & 11

Our little Coastal Cottage has taken some huge steps forward toward completion over the past few weeks. We’ve seen insulation, cladding, gyprock, kitchen install, plastering, decking, trenching and painting! These guys move fast and it’s sometimes difficult to keep on top of everything, but that’s how we spend our evenings. We had a little ‘add on’ from the original scope, with the idea of … Read More Weeks 9, 10 & 11

Weeks 7 & 8

Cladding, electrical, plumbing, windows, nogging and the install of one of our splurges, the corner cavity sliding door! A very busy couple of weeks it has been! We’ve been working really hard the past couple of weeks and have been trying to manage our build as best we can. We’ll be honest, it’s been tough of late with our work/life balance not quite in … Read More Weeks 7 & 8

Week 5 + 6

Over the last two weeks, our double garage and carport framing has gone up, the underfloor plumbing is done and we have a ROOF! In just a few weeks we will be at complete lock up stage. We have a little hold up with our windows but once they arrive, the boys will be able to get stuck into the exterior cladding. We are … Read More Week 5 + 6


What’s in a good laundry design?

In most homes, the laundry design is often the least thought out area and in a lot of cases an after thought. We made this mistake in our first build. To save space (and money) we added a laundry nook into our internal garage. For us, it didn’t work as functionally as we needed that space too. We didn’t have space to store much … Read More What’s in a good laundry design?


When your house design starts to come to life

Our framing is all up and it won’t be long before our roof goes on. This is such an exciting stage of a new build! It’s that first time you really get a feel for the space and layout of your new home. No longer are you just looking at a flat plan, you can now actually walk through the house and get a … Read More When your house design starts to come to life

Week 4. Already????

Wow, 4 weeks into the #Loverdreamerscoastalcottage build! This week the roof trusses went on so it was pretty exciting to see the shape of our roof and how all the overhangs look from the front and back of the house. Our builders worked throughout the week as they continued to stabilise the framework after it had been delivered last week. Before we know it, … Read More Week 4. Already????

Week 3

Week 3 saw our floor and the house frames go up! We love this stage of a build. It’s so awesome to go onsite, walk through our house and to see the reality of our plans coming to life. We are really happy with the layout and the size of our ‘little house’ so far.

Week 2!

We are 2 weeks down and are on a roll! Slab, footing and brick work is all complete, ready for the bearers and joists, floor and hopefully wall frames next week! Stay tuned!

Week 1 done and dusted!

After a lot of planning, preparation and a few that hurdles we had to overcome, we finally broke ground and our build has now started! Last week the site was cleared, surveyed, footings were dug and the concrete slab was profiled. Tomorrow morning the concrete is being poured and later in the week the bricky will start. Bring on week 2!  


Designing a new build on a budget

We are now done and dusted with the design stage of our #loverdreamerscoastalcottage If you ask us, this is the most time-consuming part of our build and it’s now over! In another few weeks we will commence building! Yippeeee! This is our third new build that we have taken on over the past four years. And let me tell you, the design stage does … Read More Designing a new build on a budget